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Marketing That Makes A Difference

Get a menu for your restaurant paid for by supporting local businesses in your area. At Menu Concepts we are proving that print is alive and well by distributing thousands of menus to local residents. Check out our products and click the button below to sign up with us today!

Takeout Menu

In-house takeout menu featuring items and products from the restaurant distributed by the restaurant.​

Promotional Handout

Promotional brochure featuring the restaurant and local business distributed to local communites.​

Promotional Mailer

Promotional mailer featuring the restaurant mailed to homeowners in the area.

Digital Marketing

Digital ads and videos featuring your restaurant or business emailed or distributed through the web. ​

Get A Website That Sells

At Prodigalos we offer a  complete online food ordering and delivery system that allows you to take unlimited orders and reservations from your website, Facebook page, or mobile app. As well as providing the option for digital and print marketing, an attractive mobile-friendly website, SEO optimization, and branding all at simple and affordable pricing plans.​

Trusted by hundreds of local restaurants.

The ingredient that is the foundation of our local communities.